Shower Bundles


Made with love and hand-tied with intention, our shower bundles bring the perfect touch to your daily shower routine. The steam gently opens the pores of the eucalyptus, turning your shower into a spa while having the healing properties of the herbs and flowers. Perfect for headaches, congestion, fevers, anxiety and simple bliss. Self-care, anyone?

Simply hang from your shower head with the twine it comes with and enjoy for up to a month or longer! Afterwards, you can use as decoration as the plants and herbs used, dry beautifully. 

Each bundle will always have three different types of eucalyptus although, each bundle may vary slightly as we use what's in season and available. When in season your bundle will also have fresh lavender.

Water & Care

Mother of Wild Style

All of our arrangements and bouquets are designed from our freshest selections of flowers. There may be variations based on what's most beautiful and within your budget.

We want to make something beautiful for you.