Our Story


Where do I begin?

My journey in the flower world began back in 2004 when I discovered a flower shop named Alyssa’s Flowers, of course I had to work there… it was obviously meant to be. I begged the owner, I don’t know maybe twice a day until she finally hired me. The owner, Alyssa, was about to have her 4th baby at the time… she slowly realized the business + 4 kiddos was soon to be “too much.” Shortly after I started at her shop she decided to close the doors and focus on her family.

I ended up falling in love with flowers and started on my job search. I landed (no idea how) a position at a high end shop in my home town, San Clemente, CA. The shop was home, the girls were family and the flowers were a plus. I learned under one of the greatest. She taught me everything (thank you Kelly P.) along with the owner, who taught me the in’s and the outs of the business while also trusting me to take control. I learned a tremendous amount from both of them. I worked there for quite a few years until we fell under new ownership. I decided to move on after that. I fought the flower industry HARD. And year after year, wedding after wedding, flowers seemed to always land in my path.

Fast forward a few years, I met the most dreamy man I have ever laid eyes on. We met at a campsite in Cardiff, CA on Thanksgiving, I whispered to my girlfriend that I would one day marry that dreamy man. She laughed, and we ended up making out all night long. The rest was history. On our first date, I asked him on a second date…7 months from that day. Hey, when you know, you know.

We eloped the following year in Big Sur, CA on a mountain, in the red woods, overlooking the ocean. It was perfect. About a year later, we decided to have a baby, and move across country… at the same time.

Skip a couple tedious details, we now own MOTHER OF WILD, formally She Loves Me Flower Co. located in the Porters Neck area of Wilmington, N. Carolina. We’ve put 100% into this little shop & mobile shop. We are working family owners, our son and daughters are normally in the shop with us, making bouquets and talking to our customers. If you have yet to meet them, you’re missing out, they are the cutest little babes in all the land, ok I’m biased.

Our goal is to provide you with excellent customer service & provide you with a product that makes you smile ear to ear.