Potted Orchids


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Our Potted Orchid is more than just a floral masterpiece; it's also a symbol of refined taste and timeless beauty. Whether you're looking for a perfect gift or a stunning addition to your space, this orchid in a neutral ceramic pot, adorned with moss, river rocks, and twigs, is a tribute to the natural world's striking elegance and subtle sophistication. With Proper care these plants will last a very long time! 

Some Tips on taking care of your Orchid.

* Place your orchid in an area with filtered sunlight away from cold drafts and hot south-facing sun

*Water your orchid every 7-10 days

*Cut off any dry leaves, shriveled flower stalks, and dead roots growing out of the pot

Water & Care

Mother of Wild Style

All of our arrangements and bouquets are designed from our freshest selections of flowers. There may be variations based on what's most beautiful and within your budget.

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