Valentine's Day- Vased Arrangement



There's nothing better than flowers on a day to make your loved one feel special. These options will show your loved one how special they are!

You are able to do either option in either color. Example:

Large can also be in the pink soft palate and the small can also be in the deep red palate. Both options have a flower called stock which smells so lovely as well as a splash of either anenomes or ranunculus (basically everyone's favorite flowers :)

Large option has 12 roses 

Small option has 6 roses


*Ceramic bowl will vary, all will either be white, cream, taupe or light pink ceramic- no special requests for either option. 

*Please note, these items are in floral foam, which means they will soak up water rather quickly, to keep you flowers lasting long you will need to add water to the bowl daily to ensure your blooms are getting enough to drink! 

Water & Care

Mother of Wild Style

All of our arrangements and bouquets are designed from our freshest selections of flowers. There may be variations based on what's most beautiful and within your budget.

We want to make something beautiful for you.