Little Gardeners Workshop


Come join us at Mother of Wild for an hour long kids gardening class! We have two dates available. March 23rd and March 30th.

What is included in the workshop: a beautiful Children’s Garden tin from Sow True Seed with 9 seed packs of: Bush Bean- Dragon Tongue; Carrot- Little Finger ORG; Gourd- Tennessee Spinning Top; Lettuce- Freckles ORG; Pumpkin- Jack-B-Little; Snap Pea- Sugar Ann; Summer Squash- Scallop Yellow Bush ORG; Sunflower- Teddy Bear; Watermelon- Sugar Baby
This grouping of 9 varieties was chosen for their fun colors, silly shapes, and yummy flavors sure to appeal to kids of all ages!

We will plant some of your seeds in starter trays for you to take home and demonstrate how to direct sow the others in your garden.  You will learn how to plant and care for your new garden all spring and summer as you enjoy your fresh harvest!  Starter trays and soil also included.
Children will also receive a custom coloring book that illustrates the plants and vegetables they will be growing they can color during class and take home. Parents can get questions answered and learn hands on techniques for fun, successful gardening with their children. 

Water & Care

Mother of Wild Style

All of our arrangements and bouquets are designed from our freshest selections of flowers. There may be variations based on what's most beautiful and within your budget.

We want to make something beautiful for you.